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Laboratory Products

NEW TECH has also successfully manufactured a range of equipment for customers around the world for the development and manufacture of Laboratory Products.

NEW TECH's range of elite furnaces and ovens are the standard against which heat treatment equipment around the world is measured and as a result, NEW TECH has an enviable reputation for its range of laboratory and industrial furnaces & ovens. NEW TECH's elite laboratory chamber/box & tube furnaces and industrial furnaces & laboratory and industrial ovens offer precise temperature control, excellent temperature uniformity & solutions for laboratory, pilot plant & industrial applications.

Our Laboratory Prouduct Includes

Muffle furnaces - Laboratory Model.
Circular Tube Furnaces.
Laboratory Model Ovens of all types.
Water Baths of all type.
Hot Plates and Heaters.
Immersion type Heaters for Oil, Water, Acid & Alkalies.
Air Heaters.
Portable Pyrometers.
Surface Temperature Pyrometer - Thermocouple Kits.
Thermocouples (Fe/Co : Cr/AI: Pt-Pt-Rh 10% or 13% ) Suitable for Furnace Chamber, Salt
Baths, Lead Baths, Non-Ferrous Melting Metals etc.
Compensating Cable for all types of Thermocouples.
Insulation Materials like Insulation Bricks, Porcelain Insulators Beads, Tubes, Burner
& Heating Element etc.