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Electric Chamber Furnance

CF MODELS are front / top loading with 3 sides / 4 sides and bottom heated with hinged / Vertical counter weight door opening arrangement. These are manually OPERATED batch type MODELS with separate control panel.

  • Definition: Electric chamber furnace for all applications, high temperature.
  • Construction: Robust construction in bent plate. Vertical lifting front door.
  • Insulation: Multilayer insulation. Interior in ceramic fibre and refractory bricks
  • Heating: Heating elements type MoSi2. The heating is turned off at the opening of the door.
  • Electricity: Single-phase 230VAC, 50Hz up to 7kW and 3x400VAC, 50Hz above 7kW.
  • Regulation: Axron Swiss PID temperature controller.
  • Documentation: Certification CE and operating instructions in English.
  • Ideal for :

    • Hardening
    • Stress Relieving
    • Pack Carburizing
    • Gas Nitriding
    • Bright Hardening
    • Annealing
    • Normalizing
    • Gas Carburizing
    • Gas Carbonitriding


    • Sturdy Construction
    • Uniform Temperature
    • Precise Control
    • Effective Insulation
    • Firm Sealing
    • Smooth Door Operation
    • Separate Control Panel