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Electric Hardening Furnance

We are a well know supplier of Hardening Furnace which has a bogie hearth heavy structure that normalizes and hardens furnace (indirect fired furnace). The furnace is best suited for different industrial metal heat treatment. Our range of furnace has an extractable loading plate which is used for loading and unloading of the furnace.

The hardening furnaces are used for the hardening, the annealing and the preheating of the metal charge before the armouring, under the oxidizing atmosphere especially. The furnaces at the semi-gastight version with retort (see. the datasheet the semi- gastight version of the furnaces), can be used for the heat treatment of the charge below the partially shielding gas. They can be used for preheating of moulds in glass industry.

Description of Hardening Furnace:

  • frame from mild steel,
  • loading sill of furnace 900 mm,
  • furnance insolated by light-weighted bricks,
  • heating spirals on ceramic tubes on side walls and in grooves at          furnace bottom,
  • door equipped with safety terminal switch,
  • electrical installation on back side of furnace
  • feeder cable with three-phase CEE plug,
  • controller INDUSTRY allows saving of 30 control programs in the          internal controller
  • memory, each program can consist of up to 15 steps, operator may     start the select program on a preset date and time thanks to the installed real time clock,
  • switchboard on side of furnace,
  • termocouple type S,
  • semiconductor non-contact switch relay.

Equipment of Hardening Furnace includes:

  • Turning table for charge (for PK 105 PK 520),
  • Door opening downwards or upwards,
  • PID programable controler INDUSTRY
  • Stand
  • heating on sides and bottom of the furnace ensures even distribution of air inside furnace according to DIN 17052-1 Class A,
  • heating spirals on bottom of furnace covered by SiC plate with high mechanical resistance,
  • door portal made from refractory concrete with high mechanical resistance.