About New Tech Furnaces

The NEW TECH Make Electric Resistance Furnace is heated electrically. The unique design of heater assemblies minimize the effect of element failure and easy of replacement of elements. Good insulation ensures high thermal efficiency and economy in operating. Electric heating ensures that there is no risk of gas pickup or continuation of charge from fuel by products. For fine temperature control, the furnace is supplied with control equipment Accurate by digital temperature control system for accurate reading & control.


  • Silent, Cool, Clean and Economical Operation.
  • High Metal Quality.
  • Low melt Loss &
  • Simple and easy maintenance

Quality Statment

We @ Newtech extremely care of our honor and reputation won on the international market, we promise high quality products as well as we supply good after-market services. We assure 12 months of warranty of our products, we supply spare parts for free in 6 months if there any quality problem caused during use, and we supply repair service for life of our products. If we have no ability to solve the problem, we promise to remanufacturing the product for our customers.


Once we receive any quality problem complain, our technology department will take an analysis and we will response you within 12 hours via telephone or emial. We will give solution in 24 hours.


If we can not solve the quality problem by telephone or email, we will send us field manager to the site to solve the problem, or we can also supply the repair service for our customer.


We supply spare parts for free in 6 months if any quality problem caused during use. New parts avaliable as per order.


Any quality problem owing to the flaws of our products, and which can not be repair to good theoretically, we remanufacturing the valves for our customers.